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Filosofia steps in the race !

A Championship in Canada ?

Last Friday, Filosofia announced that it would now be the official distributor of Asmodee games in Canada, taking the young Canadian company a step higher in the gaming industry.

The announcement has been made just as Christophe Boelinger, the creator of Dungeon Twister, leaked the rumour that something incredible is in sight for Dungeon Twister, the board game. The official information will be made public probably after Essen, if not before, and surely before Christmas. Everyone is holding their breath!

Filosofia also announced its intentions in organizing the first Quebec Championship for Dungeon Twister. This event will take place at the Fiesta Ludiq, a big convention organized by Filosofia and its numerous partners. Those interested in participating only have to manifest themselves on the forum. The latest details will be posted as soon as they are available.