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Présentation du jeu de cartes Dungeon Twister (28/07/2013)
A défaut d'une présentation officielle sur les sites de DT...

Un site pour le jeu vidéo (07/07/2012)
Lien vers le site officiel du jeu vidéo DT par Hydravision

Dungeon Twister : la bande dessinée est disponible ! (07/07/2012)
La BD éditée par Clair de Lune est sur les étals.

Dungeon Twister, le jeu vidéo ; premiers tests (05/07/2012)
Comment les consoleux ont-ils accueilli le "messie" ?

News de Chris ! (22/05/2012)
Annonces concernant le jeu vidéo et la BD DT (et même un peu de Pièges !) par Chris Boelinger himself.

6th Annual DT Open in Cologne (04/19/2012)
5th anniversary of Dungeon Twister in Cologne

General League Meeting on April 11, 2012 (03/31/2012)
Help to guide the LIDT!

Latest Issue of the Newsletter (01/09/2012)
3rd issue contains a preview of the new expansion!

2nd South Carolina Open is this weekend! (01/08/2012)
Dungeon Twister returns to SCARAB

DT Prison tournament on Dec. 10 in Durham, NC (12/05/2011)

Recap of the 2011 NC Dungeon Twister Open at MACE (11/26/2011)
DT hits Tobacco Road!

Tournament at the KCGameFair (11/02/2011)
Join us in Kansas City on Nov. 12!

Format and Prizes for the 1st North Carolina Open (10/31/2011)
Nov. 11-13 at the MACE gaming convention

Résultats du Tournoi Asmoday... by night! (18/09/2011)
Quelques cafouillages et beaucoup de retard mais aussi beaucoup de bon esprit et de convivialité à l'Asmoday.

Tournoi Asmoday... by night! (12/09/2011)
Tournament organized as part of the Night of Asmoday Legends on September 18, 2011 at 1:00

2011 Dungeon Twister World Championship (04/09/2011)
See you on October 29, 2011 at Sainghin en Mélantois (59) for the world championship!

More MACE Information (08/31/2011)
Dungeon Twister interview published in the MACE newsletter

Schedule for MACE and the 1st North Carolina Open (08/09/2011)
Dungeon Twister events all weekend (Nov. 11-13)

Upcoming Tournament in Missouri (08/09/2011)
Recruits convention to host Dungeon Twister

Results of the 3rd German Championship (08/04/2011)
Pap takes the Cup!

Report of the First National Championship of Quebec (19/07/2011)

Results for the Dungeon Twister Tournament at Kantcon (07/19/2011)
First Tournament ever in Kansas!

The 3rd German Championship (07/12/2011)
The new champion will be crowned on July 30th in Bonn

1st National Championship of Quebec (07/06/2011)
Players will meet on July 9 in Trois-Rivières

Report of the 4th Open de Chartres (05/07/2011)
Waly the gargoyle finally wins the title.

A Parisian takes the title! (04/07/2011)
The report of the 2011 Championship of France

Results of the 2011 Triad Spring Tournament (06/26/2011)
And upcoming events in the Carolinas...

Calling all DT players! (10/06/2011)
Championship of France and the Chartres Open

Dungeon Twister Tournament in Kansas, US (05/17/2011)
DT takes a trip to the middle of North America!

Second Issue of the League Newsletter (05/16/2011)
News, strategy, and more...

Announcing the Next Tournament in North Carolina (05/14/2011)
Dungeon Twister takes on Winston-Salem, the home of the Demon Deacons!

Dungeon Twister Newsletter (03/23/2011)
First issue now available!

Results of the 2011 Durham, NC Spring Tournament (03/07/2011)
Six players gather to fight in the dungeons...

Chris Boelinger in Cannes (24/02/2011)
The DT trailer and video-clip exclusively

The elves are really chatty (26/01/2011)
The different modes of the video game

Next Tournament in North Carolina Announced (01/25/2011)
Be in Durham, NC on Sunday, March 6th!

1st South Carolina Open at SCARAB is a Success! (pictures added) (01/19/2011)
Results of the first Open DT tournament in the US

An elf scout of good omen (16/01/2011)
The output of the video game is close and the league has exclusive info!

To start the year with Dungeon Twister. (13/01/2011)
Tournaments around the world!

The Future belongs to Us !!! (05/01/2011)
Dungeon Twister Expansions and League's membership in 2011

PAP reigns in France! (29/12/2010)
Results of the 2010 Championship of France

Un champion au pays des 24 H. (13/12/2010)
Championnat de France de DT

Puk : 2010 Belgian Champion !!! (02/12/2010)
Report and results

DT glisse 2011 (24/11/2010)
Pour la 6ème année consécutive !

Become a Champion (28/10/2010)
The roadmap from November 2010 to January 2011

SCARAB Convention hosting South Carolina DT Open (Updated -- Times Added) (10/20/2010)
First ever tournament in the Palmetto State! First Open tournament in the US!

Germany takes the title! (13/10/2010)
Results of the 5th World Championship

Who will succeed Foududonjon ? (05/10/2010)
The Fifth Belgian Championship

First IDTL Goodies (28/09/2010)
Participate and harvest golden targans

5th world Championship (20/09/2010)
Some DT Champions at Octogônes ?

SCARAB Gaming Convention to host South Carolina Dungeon Twister Open (08/20/2010)
First ever tournament in the Palmetto State! First Open tournament in the US!

You dreamed it... Loky made it (06/07/2010)
Stand-up Prison in pdf file

German Championship (23/06/2010)
The return !

The Disciple (18/06/2010)
The 2010 exclusive LIDT figurine!

Chartres and the Disciple (17/06/2010)
Zalex the persevering

2010 Membership is open! (07/06/2010)
Exclusive playing pieces available!

Results of the Durham, NC Spring Tournament (05/26/2010)
Tobacco Road sees more DT action on May 22, 2010

Codex Tournament (13/04/2010)
The rules to organize your Dungeon Twister tournaments

The road of DT (18/03/2010)
The next tournaments,

Dungeon Twister in Ravage magazine (11/02/2010)
News in the press

Un tournoi sur la croisette (09/02/2010)
La LIDT à Cannes

Results and Pictures of the 1st NC Triangle Tourney (01/19/2010)
12 North Carolinians compete in the 1st DT tournament in the state

Championnat de France 2009 - compte-rendu (15/12/2009)
Le sacre de Krka

NC Triangle Dungeon Twister Tourney (12/03/2009)
First League event in the Southeast US on Jan. 16th!

1st DT Open of Mans (01/12/2009)
Dungeon Twister in the region of rillettes and 24H!

France Championship 2009 (26/11/2009)
Prison in the Vineyards

DT Snow 2010 (06/11/2009)
Next holidays of Arch-mage

The World Champion 2009 is... (27/10/2009)
Story from the World Championship

Become number 1 (05/10/2009)
The New International Ranking System

Le Méchanork (22/09/2009)
L'emblème de DT, Essen, le jeu vidéo, ...

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 (15/09/2009)
Big Twist Party

German sub-forum installed (09/09/2009)
When will the english friends follow?

Countdown has begun (08/09/2009)
The Cleric announces the good news

Getting out of the jail (04/09/2009)
A new way to think

Naga (24/08/2009)
brings us fresh news...

Colossus (12/08/2009)
Colossus from every angle !

La traitresse (04/08/2009)
Les premières images de la traitresse.

Tournament Judges! (30/06/2009)
Guide Adventurers into Dungeon Twister

Previews for the members of the League (29/06/2009)
Room 37 of the second edition in previews

Qui sera le premier ? (24/06/2009)
Championnat d'Allemagne de Dungeon twister

Cette fois, il n'en restera qu'un !!! (24/06/2009)
Championnat de Belgique de Dungeon Twister

DT Prison va faire des Ravage ! (23/06/2009)

Heralds of the Archmage, Stand and be counted! (03/06/2009)
Spread the values of Targan

Manage the tournaments (05/18/2009)
Announce your tournaments on the League's Website

Dungeon Twister - Prison (14/05/2009)
The coverage & in the box

Become a member of the International Dungeon Twister League (12/05/2009)
How and Why ?

A new Chairman for the International Dungeon Twister League ! (16/03/2009)

Ludically - a new publisher (15/02/2009)
A renewal for Dungeon Twister

Tournois et prototypes au Festival de Cannes (22/01/2009)
L Archimage sera présent au Festival de Cannes pour présenter des prototypes et participer au premier grand tournoi de l'année

Dungeon Twister: the Video Game (in 3D)! (01/14/2009)
The first pictures of the Mechanork

Le glossaire en ligne sur ce site (12/01/2009)
Le glossaire prêt à être traduit

Filosofia steps in the race ! (09/24/2008)
A Championship in Canada ?

France Championship on Holy grounds ! (09/16/2008)

DT tournament at the PsychoCon (09/05/2008)

Quick glimpse at… the First Open of Chartres (07/08/2008)
A new championship for Flo de San de Kerchuz

Flashback on the Belgian Championship (06/27/2008)
A man and his bride…

Leak of information.... (06/26/2008)

A Belgian won at Lille ! (06/25/2008)
The summary of the first Open.

Open of Chartres (06/24/2008)
In France, the first Open of Chartres.

Proverbial Opening of the League Website (04/13/2008)
All things come to those who wait