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* A Water square is an obstacle. It can be crossed with by jumping or using a rope.

* A character can move into a Water square for 1 AP, regardless of his usual movement value. This does not apply to the Water Elemental who moves normally in Water.

* A character who leaves Water can move normally.

* A character cannot enter Water while carrying an object, but he can carry wounded character in Water.

* An object that falls into Water for any reason is lost and removed from the game.

* A character in a Water square is protected from the breath of the Red Dragon and the Fireball Wand, unless he is carrying a rope.

* If the Fire Elemental enters a Water square for any reason (for example, under the effect of a Charm Scroll), he is immediately killed.

* A Mummy in a Water square loses its weakness regarding torches as long as it remains there.

* A character carrying a cursed object cannot be pushed towards a Water square.

* A character carrying an object that is not cursed, drops his object on the previous square when he is pushed into a Water square.

* It is impossible to voluntarily drop an object into the Water (a flying character or a Paladin on a rope cannot do so, it is prohibited).