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Double Pit Trap

* Sometimes when rooms are rotated, it happens that 2 pit traps become adjacent to one another.

* Characters who usually pass over the pit traps can pass without problem (Thief, Elf Scout).

* Flying characters (like the Wizard, Ghost, and Specter) travel above the pit traps and can also cross the obstacle (without stopping there).

* Paladin carrying two ropes can go on the first pit, drop the first rope and cross the second without dropping the second rope. He can also go back to recover the first rope after he drops the second rope. While leaving a trap using a rope, he can only take the rope with him if the square he is moving to is valid before the movement.

* Other characters, since a rope must go on the first pit trap, can drop a rope there and then use a jump to go over the second pit trap or can seek another rope. They cannot in any way jump over the two pit traps in a straight line or cross using a single rope.

* For a rope to be dropped on a pit trap, it must have two attachment points (floor squares, rotation gears, trees, pipes for a character with a combat value of 2 or less, small bridge for a character with a combat value of 3 or less).