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Falling Rocks

* Falling rocks is not a normal floor square; objects cannot be placed there.

* A non-flying chracter who passes under or stops on a Falling Rocks square is killed from being crushed (except the Stone Elemental).

* Only flying characters, the Stone Elemental, the Ghost, or the Specter can pass under Falling Rocks (but if they stop there, they die immediately, except for the Stone Elemental who permanently disables the Falling Rocks).

* A non-flying character carrying a shield can pass under Falling Rocks, but is not able to stop there (or he will be crushed to death). He is able during the movement to drop the shield under the Falling Rock so that other characters will be able to pass.

* A character can pass under Falling Rocks if a shield is placed there. If he wants to pick up another object that is there, he will have to pass there with help -- to drop a shield and pick up the other object (except for the Paladin who can carry two objects and flying characters who don't need a shield).

* A character can enter and stop on a Falling Rocks square on their own. He will then give the corresponding VP to the active player or to the adversaries of the active player when he kills one of his own characters.