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Telescoping Spear

* A miniature carrying the Telescoping Spear can initiate close combat from a distance of 2 squares in a straight line. Combat with a Telescoping Spear is considered to be close combat in all aspects, not ranged combat.

* This combat can be carried out across a normal square, obstacle, stairs, tomb or arrow slit (provided that the square is not occupied by another character). In the case of an arrow slit, the two characters must both be adjacent to the arrow slit.

* The user of the Telescoping Spear is not affected by the result of the combat. However, in the event of defeat, the Spear is broken and discarded from the game. In the event of victory, the Spear remains intact and the enemy becomes wounded (or eliminated if he was already wounded).

* The Telecoping Spear can be used in group combat.

* The Telescoping Spear may not be used to initiate close combat with adjacent characters, or in defense.

* If the attacker is adjacent to an enemy miniature, he cannot use the Telescoping Spear to attack another character two squares away.

* A character using a Telescoping Spear cannot combine its effect with another attack weapon.

* The Telescoping Spear is an attacking weapon that may be forged.