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Cursed objects

* A character entering a square (even if he flies) with a Cursed object, not being carried by another character, is required to take it, even if it means he will drop the current object on the previous square.

* The character will not be able to drop the Cursed object; he must keep it.

* A wounded character cannot keep a Cursed object if another character moves through his square; the moving character is required to pick up the Cursed object. Moreover, if someone moves through a wounded character with a Cursed object, it is necessary to drop any object being carried on the previous square (and not in place of the Cursed object). If this is not possible (for example, a pit which already has a rope over it), it is necessary to leave the object on the previous square.

* If a character is killed in close combat while carrying a Cursed object, one of the adjacent victorious characters must take the Cursed object at the end of combat, even if he needs to exchange the currently carried object with the Cursed object.If the victorious character is on a water square, the Cursed object is straightened and lost in the water.

* A Cursed object is magical, and its curse is negated by the Magophage.

* A character can get rid of a Cursed object upon entering a square in the Anti-Magic Room or a square adjacent to the Magophage during the course of movement. He recovers his full capabilities without waiting until the end of the current action.

* A character carrying a Cursed object cannot enter or be pushed into a water square.
At the time a room is revealed, the player of the same color as the Cursed object places it on an empty floor square, a rotation gear, or a darkness square.

* the Cursed objects are:
   * the Ball and Chain,
   * the Ring of Weakness,
   *and the Flying Carpet.