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((3/0) (Prison))

* When the Telepath is engaged in one-on-one close combat, he can announce a combat card other than +0. If the opposing player has that card in his hand, he must play it for this combat. If the opposing player no longer has that card in his hand, he must show all his remaining cards to the player controlling the Telepath. Then he is free to secretly play the card of his choice.

* The ability of the Telepat also works against markers (representing something alive), as the alives trees or the brambles.

* The ability of the Telepat does not function in group combat or in ranged combat.

* If two telepaths are engaged in combat, their abilities cancel and the normal combat rules are used.

* In one-on-one close combat:
The ability of the Weapon Master is ineffective against the Telepath.

The Telepath only gets to choose one of the two cards of the Berserker

A Telepath under the effect of a charm scroll or scroll of confusion loses his ability. Likewise, the ability of the Telepath does not apply if his opponent is under the effect of a charm scroll, scroll of confusion or under the controll of the beast master.