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((4/1) (Prison))

* The Banshee is undead.

* For 2 AP, the Banshee can generate a putrid sound wave able to repulse any character. The Banshee can target any character in his line of sight. The targeted character is pushed back one square in the direction opposite from the Banshee.

* The Banshee cannot push the target through a wall, closed portcullis, arrow slit, friendly or enemy miniature, a 3D obstacle, or a tree.

* A repulsed character can land on an object or allied wounded character, as long as he complies with the rules at the end of the repulsion action. In the same manner, a wounded character can be pushed towards a friendly miniature.

* If a character is repulsed into water, it must drop its object on the last valid square (except if the object is a rope). A character repulsed onto an obstacle must suffer the effects of the square.