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The following are consider magical:
   * levitation of the Wizard,
   * illusions,
   * the Fireball Wand,
   * all scrolls,
   * all rings,
   * all potions,
   * Fountains of Youth,
   * 7 League Boots,
   * ultra-gravity wells,
   * the Sylvan Shield,
   * the Runic War-Hammer,
   * cursed objects,
   * all the abilities of magic users (except the Ice Witch).

The following are not considered magical:
   * the ability of the Wall Walker,
   * the ability and healing of the Cleric,
   * the regeneration of the Troll and the Undead Dragon,
   * the breath of the Red Dragon,
   * ability of the Ghost,
   * ability of the Magophage,
   * ability of the Specter,
   * ability of the Holy Cross,
   * ability of the Katana,
   * the ability of the Samurai,
   * the Dragon Slayer,
   * the Fire Shield,
   * the Anti-Magic Room,
   * flying specified as non-magical (Angels, the Bat, Ligtning Elemental, etc...).