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Line of Sight

* Line of sight is the field of view of the character.

* It extends from the character's square until the first object it meets in a straight line.

* Line of sight is blocked by:
   * an unwounded character,
   * a wounded character (except that carried by the character who is using the Line of Sight),
   * a wall,
   * a closed portcullis,
   * mist (Line of sight can leave a mist square as long as there is no other mist square in the Line of Sight.),
   * a Fountain of Youth,
   * a 3D obstacle,
   * a staircase (Line of sight can leave a staircase and may reach a staircase, but cannot cross it.),
   * rubble,
   * darkness,
   * columns,
   * armories,
   * trees,
   * webs,
   * vines (Line of sight can leave a vine square and may reach a vine square, but cannot cross it.).

Line of sight is not blocked by:
   * an object,
   * a pit trap,
   * a rotation gear,
   * a rift,
   * falling rocks,
   * water squares,
   * lava squares,
   * a bridge,
   * an ultra-gravity well,
   * a brazier,
   * a pit trap trigger,
   * a remotely activated pit trap.

* A character in a tree does not have his Line of Sight blocked by characters, 3D obstacles, stairs, and vines. A character in a tree can target a character of his choice located behind other characters (wounded or unwounded, friendly or enemy).