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Ranged Combat

* Only the Crossbowman, Archer Elf, Lightning Elemental, or any character armed with a Crossbow, a Bow or an Elven Bow can initiate Ranged Combat.

* The character muxt have a line of sight to his target and cannot be adjacent to an enemy character. The combat value for this attack cannot be modified (3 for Crossbowman, 2 for Archer Elf and Crossbow, 1 for Lightning Elemental and Elven Bow).

* The character can support group combat with a ranged attack. He cannot support a defensive combat.

* The character cannot be wounded while participating Ranged Combat, even if he attackes and loses (even against another ranged combatant).

* The character can participate at range in a group combat, even if another character on his team also is participating at range. Ranged combat is considered to be an attack. This means that you cannot initiate a group combat (ranged or otherwise) to target a character already wounded this turn, no matter how the character became wounded.