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* When 2 characters are on adjacent squares and there is nothing separating them (no wall or portcullis), then Combat can occur. Combat is not required, and in order to attack the player must use 1 AP.

* The attacker and defender secretly play a Combat card. The two cards are revealed and their value is added to the inherent Combat value of the characters (number on the right).

* Certain objects like the armor or sword modify the Combat value of the characters.

* In case of a tie, nothing happens, but the attacker can attack again (if he has AP remaining).

* The character with the lowest score is wounded.

* Attacking a character who was just wounded during the same turn is prohibited. It is necessary to wait for the next turn to complete the kill.

* A wounded character can be attacked and must fight. In this case his Combat value is 0, but he still plays a Combat card. A wounded character who loses a Combat dies and the victorious enemy wins a VP.

* Sometimes more than two characters are involved in Combat. It's called group combat.