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Father Christmas

(5/1) (Goodies Christmas 2007)

* The player who controls Father Christmas must select the contents of his bag before the beginning of the game.

* The bag holds a useless toy (cursed object), a useful toy (common object: rope, key, or torch), a magical toy (ring, scroll, etc...) and a warrior toy (weapon, armor...).

* The selected toys are put on the side of the board and cannot be chosen by the team that has Father Christmas (except for the common objects).

* When he is adjacent to a characters, friend or enemy, Father Christmas can, for 1 AP, offer him one of the toys in his bag.

* If the character already had an object (or two objects, in the case of the Paladin and Ice Witch), the object is given to Father Christmas in exchange.

* If Father Christmas is already carrying one object, the object being given to Father Christmas is discarded.

* Father Christmas can use the Flying Carpet (Lands of Ice expansion) without discarding combat cards.