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(2/4) (Goodies 2004-2005)

* The Ogre can stun an adjacent enemy character for 1 AP.

* Place a stunned marker on the character.

* This character is then treated as if he was wounded this turn and follows the same rules.

* A stunned character cannot be attacked during the turn in which he was stunned by the Ogre.

* A character carrying a wounded character can be stunned. The carrying character is stunned, the wounded character remains wounded and can be attacked (without killing the stunned character).

* At the end of his turn, the active player removes all stunned markers from all of his characters.

* At the moment when the stunned markers are moved, the stunned character should not be under another character (violating the 2nd Golden Rule). You must finish your turn by leaving the stunned character on a square that will allow him to awaken.