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Jade Mask

(Object, Goodies 2007)

No official rules exist for the Jade Mask. Use your imagination. Here are some examples:

* Disguise: For 1 AP, a character can use the Jade Mask, which is then discarded. The counter of the using character is the exchanged for another counter (DT character) who is not already presenton the team. Once the character is transformed, he cannot carry out any more actions until the end of the turn.

* Hidden Strength: The carrier of the Jade Mask loses its weakness. Examples: undead characters lose their vulnerability to the Holy Cross while they carry the mask, a dragon does not die automatically when losing combat to the Dragonslayer, the Wizard does not give a +1 bonus to the Barbarian, etc...

* Demonic Guise: The Jade Mask give its wearer a demonic appearance which frightens his attackers. Consequently, the wearer of the mask cannot be attacked in close combat (individual or group combat). Only the Berserker will dare to attack an individual in this condition using her "Killer Rage" ability.