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Cursed Trunk

(Object, Goodies 2007)

No official rules exist for the Cursed Trunk. You are to use your imagination!

* The Cursed Trunk is a cursed object, and a character moving through it (even above if flying) is required to pick it up, even if he must give up the object he is currently carrying. This object will be dropped on the previous square.

* A character is not able to drop the Cursed Trunk, he must keep it.

* A wounded character cannot keep the Cursed Trunk if another character moves through him, the latter is required to take it.

* If a character is killed in close combat while carrying a Cursed Trunk, one of the adjacent victorious characters must pick up the Cursed Trunk, even if it means that he must exchange objects.

* The Cursed Trunk is magical, and the Magophage is safe from its effects. A character moving through a Anti-Magic square or a square adjacent to a Magophage can drop the Cursed Trunk there and recover his full abilities.

* A Character carrying the Cursed Trunk cannot be pushed into a water square.

* At the time when a room is revealed, the player that has the same color as the Cursed Trunk places it on a normal empty floor square, a rotation gear, or darkness square.