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* A Jump is an action.

* When a character carries out a Jump, he must use a Jump card (each player has three to use during the game).

* When a character Jumps, he moves two squares, either in a straight line or an "L" shape.

* A character can Jump over a pit trap, a rift, a water square, a lava square, or falling rocks. He is forbidden from jumping over rubble.

* He is not allowed to Jump over a wounded character, no matter what type of terrain he is on.

* A character having a combat value above 3 can Jump over a small bridge (except the Red Dragon).

* When a character Jumps, he can land on an empty floor square or a square containing an object or a friendly wounded character. Also, he cannot use a Jump to leave the dungeon if he would land on a wounded character in the opponent's starting line (except with a Ghoul). Under no circumstances can he Jump and land on a square occupied by an unwounded character which is his color or a wounded enemy character.