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* Only Araknis can create a Web between two squares for 1 AP.

* The Web must be placed on a border of the square occupied by Araknis. This line between the 2 squares must be empty -- without wall, portcullis, secret passage or anything else.

* The Web can be placed on a broken portcullis or a broken wall, but not an open portcullis.

* The Web is always placed on a single room, never between two rooms.

* If a Web is placed on the edge of a room, the player controlling Araknis must indicate clearly in which room the Web is placed.

* Araknis can weave only three Webs per game.

* A Web cannot be destroyed by the Golem or attacked.

* A Web can be destroyed by an adjacent character carrying a torch or by a Fire Elemental. The Red Dragon's breath and Fireballs also destroy Webs. For 1 AP, the Web is burned. When a Web is destroyed, it is removed from the game.

* The Web prevents any movement, including that of flying characters, between the two squares on which it is located.

* The Web is not magic.

* Webs block line of sight