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* For 1 AP, the Druid can place a Brambles marked on any normal floor square located in the same room.

* Only incorporeal characters (Ghost, Specter...) can move through Brambles, but they cannot stop there. All the other characters cannot move into Brambles.

* The Brambles block line of sight.

* Brambles cannot take actions, and therefore cannot attack.

* However, Brambles can be attacked. They defend as for normal combat (combat value 4). If the Brambles lose, the marker is returned to his owner who can reuse it at another time.

* If the Brambles lose, they do not give a VP.

* If the Brambles win, the character initiating the combat becomes wounded.

* Brambles can never take part in group combat, whether it is attacking or defending.

* For 1 AP, the Druid can remove or move the Bramble marker.

* The Brambles disappear if the Druid dies or the Magophage finishes his movement on a square adjacent to the Brambles.

* The Brambles can be destroyed with a Fireball Wand or the breath of the Red Dragon.