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((5/2) (Water and Fire))

* For 1AP, the Acrobat can jump without using a jump card.

* He can also jump over 2 adjacent obstacles at the same time, whatever the direction.

* The Acrobat can jump over:
   * Pit traps,
   * Rifts,
   * Falling Rocks,
   * Water Squares,
   * Lava Squares,
   * Gravity Wells,
   * a broken Small Bridge,
   * broken Pipes,
   * Brazier,
   * remotely activated Pit Trap.

* The Acrobat cannot jump over:
   * Floor Squares,
   * Snowy Ground,
   * Rotation Mechanisms,
   * other characters (alive, wounded, friendly or hostile),
   * Rubble,
   * Stairs,
   * 3D obstacles,
   * unbroken Bridges,
   * Ice,
   * Ice Bridges,
   * any other square with obstacles.

*If an ice slope is in the way of the Acrobat, it is necessary that he respects the direction of the arrow of the ice slope.