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(4/2) (Forces of Darkness)

* The Vampire is an undead character.

* Each time the Vampire eliminates an enemy character in close combat, he gains a +1 combat bonus for both attach and defense. This combat bonus is cumulative (indicated by the blood markers).

* The weight of the Vampire is always 2, regardless of the number of blood markers. He can go on trees, small bridges, and pipes.

* The Vampire has the ability to transform himself into a Bat for 1 AP. For 1 AP, the Bat can change back into the Vampire form.

* While the Vampire is wounded or in the Bat form, he does not benefit from the blood combat bonus.

* The Vampire recovers this bonus after it is healed, changes from Bat form into Vampire form, or is reincarnated by a Specter.