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(2/4) (Base Game)

* The Troll has the ability to regenerate during his turn for 1 AP.

* A Troll cannot regenerate during the turn in which it was wounded.

* A Troll who regenerates cannot carry out any additional actions during that turn, including participating in group combat.

* This ability to regenerate is not magical.

* The Troll can regenerate only if he complies with the Golden Rules at the end of regeneration.

* The Troll can regenerate himself on a small bridge or the pipes which break at the end of the action. The Troll then suffers the effects of the terrain underneath.

* The Troll can regenerate himself in a tree, but the tree then breaks and the Troll is wounded.

* If the Troll has been wounded by the Dwarf Troll Slayer, he loses his ability to regenerate permanently, even after healing at a Fountain of Youth.