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(5/1) (Fire and Water)

* The Telekineticist is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The ability of the Telekineticist is magical.

* For 1 AP, the Telekineticist can move an object magically; it must be in the same room as her and can move five squares.

* During its movement, the object flies. It can pass over 3D obstacles, pit traps, rifts, water squares and lava squares, but cannot stop there (except on the trees). The object can also change rooms during its movement or be sent to a character who is not already carrying an object or wounded character (two for the Paladin or Ice Witch).

* An object in the mist cannot be used as a target. However, once levitating an object can move through one or more mist squares.

* If a levitating object enters a square adjacent to a Magophage or in square in an ultra-gravity room, its movement stops immediately and it falls to the ground. If it falls into a pit trap, rift, lave, water or gravity well it is destroyed and removed (unless it is a rope and there are two attachment points available).

* The Telekineticist can take a cursed object and move it over characters, who are not required to take it unless the object finishes its movement on their square.

* The Telekineticist cannot move an object into an Anti-Magic room or into darkness squares.