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(4/0) (Forces of Darkness)

* The Specter is an undead character.

* The Specter does not earn any VP if it leaves the dungeon.

* The Specter has the ability to cross all types of terrain; he is incorporeal like the Ghost.

* The Specter cannot stop on 3D obstacles (except the tree), pit traps, lava, libraries, waterfalls, rifts, giant grinders, rubble, brambles, columns, or braziers.

* The Specter dies, like any other character, if it stops on falling rocks. She can cross this square, but not stop there.

* The Specter cannot use or carry objects, but can stop over them. She cannot benefit from any bonuses of the object (armor, for example). She also cannot stop on a rope that is over an obstacle (except water squares).

* An object on the same square as the Specter cannot be taken by an enemy character, but can be stolen by the Pickpocket.

* The Specter can use the rotation gears and the triggers for remote pit traps (however, she must stop above them).

* The Specter cannot carry wounded characters.

* A Specter which ends her movement on a wounded enemy character may reincarnate into him. The opponent's counter is replaced with the corresponding counter of the same color as the Specter. The character is healed in the process and can act normally immediately.

* If the Specter reincarnated into the Illusionist, the illusions also change color.

If the Specter reincarnates into the Golem, the broken walls remain those used before the reincarnation.

* If the Specter reincarnates into the Druid, the brambles also change color. The vines which can be used by the Druid are the remaining vines of the former player (if the character at the time of reincarnation still had 1 vine to use, it only has 1 vine to use after the reincarnation).

* If the Specter reincarnates as an Enchantress Elf, the living trees also change color

* A Specter cannot reincarnate a wounded enemy character who is on the same square as a Holy Cross. Similarly, a Specter cannot reincarnate a wounded enemy Fire Elemental who is on a lava square or brazier. He dies while moving into the square.

* A Specter which reincarnates does not earn any VP at the time of reincarnation.

* If the Specter reincarnates while it is charmed, the remaining actions can be used with the newly reincarnated character.