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(6/2) (Paladins and Dragons)

* The Pickpocket can steal an object that is being carried by an adjacent enemy character for 1 AP.

* The Pickpocket must comply with the 2nd Golden Rule and cannot steal an object if he is already carrying one.

* If the Pickpocket steals the rope from a character who is standing on an obstacle, the character then suffers the effects of the obstacle.

* If the Pickpocket steals an object from the Paladin (or the Ice Witch) while he is carrying two, he selects which he takes. If the Paladin (or Ice Witch) is carrying a cursed object, the Pickpocket is not required to take it. If the Paladin (or Ice Witch) is carrying two cursed objects, the Pickpocket selects which one he steals.

* If a Pickpocket tries to steal a Potion of Strength or an Orb of Peace, his opponent can choose to use them before the action is carried out, and the Pickpocket who now cannot steal the item does not spend any AP. In the interests of fairness, if the opponent had not really seen that this could happen (the action of the Pickpocket), he should decide not to use the object in order to reward the clever play by the owner of the Pickpocket.