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(4/1) (Base Game)

* The Wall-Walker can move through a wall (or double wall) for 1 AP. Passing through the wall does not include movement ; the aciton of crossing the wall uses the entire AP.

* She can carry an object or wounded character through the wall.

* The Wall-Walkercan only pass through walls and not through rubble (much too thick), portcullises, webs, brambles, columns, or 3D obstacles.

* This ability of the Wall-Walker is not magical.

* The Wall-Walker can pass through a wall to arrive on an obstacle with a rope already across it. She may also pass through a wall carrying a rope to arrive on a pit trap or other obstacle. She may cross an obstacle with the rope first, and then pass through the wall (to enter a valid square), and take the rope with her.

* The Wall-Walker can cross the arrow slits and secret passages using her ability.

* The Wall-Walker cannot be paralyzed after passing through a wall since this is an action, not movement.