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(4/3) (Paladins and Dragons)

*The Paladin can carry two wounded characters or objects. He is an exception to the 2nd Golden Rule.

* If the Paladin is wounded while carrying two objects, the 3 pieces will be stacked on the same square until somebody comes to take one of the objects (or the Paladin).

* Certain object confer no additional advantage when two are being carried (2 torches, 2 Amulets of Elvish Vision, 2 Fire Shields, 2 Keys, etc...).

* A Paladin with 2 ropes can cross 2 adjacent obstacles by leaving the first rope over the first obstacle (2 attachment points are necessary). The 2nd obstacle must have an additional attachment point to those of the first rope. He can also return after having placed the 2nd rope in order to retrieve the first rope (you do not need to worry about the attachment points at the moment when the rope is retrieved).

* A Paladin carrying a rope and another object or wounded character can keep the other object or wounded character if he is pushed back towards an obstacle that requires a rope and it has two attachment points.

* A Paladin which carries two objects or two of the same object can combine their effects. Thus, a Paladin with:
   * two swords or Runic war-hammers gains a +2 combat bonus when attacking;
   * two armors or Sylvan shields gains a +2 combat bonus when defending;
   * two Dragonslayers gains a +8 combat bonus against dragons;
   * two Rings of Weakness has a -2 penalty in combat;
   * two ball and chains he loses two movement points;
   * two katanas, he can attack 2 times for 0 AP (and not once for 1 AP);
   * two two-handed swords, he can attack for 3 AP and gain a +4 combat bonus;
   * a two-handed sword and a katana, he can attack twice by using 1 AP;
   * two rings of repulsion, he can push back 2 times (only one square each time) for 2 AP (not one push of two squares);
   * two crossbows, he can attack 2 times each turn with a combat value of 2 (not one time with a combat value of 4);
   * two treasures he will earn 3 VP upon escaping the dungeon;
   * two Rings of Paralysis, he is able to paralyze twice during his opponent's turn and discard two combat cards;