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(4/2) (Forces of Darkness)

* The Necromancer is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The Necromancer has the power to magically transform an an adjacent wounded character (friendly or enemy) into a Zombie for 1 AP. If a wounded character is turned into a Zombie in the Sacred Tomb, on a square with the Holy Cross, in lava or the brazier from a Fire Elemental, or in the waterfalls from a Water Elemental, the Zombie dies immediately and the player controlling the Necromancer earns 1 VP (2VP if it was a dragon), if the wounded character belonged to the opposing team. If the wounded and eliminated character had the same color as the Necromancer, the opposing team earns 1 VP.

* The Necromancer can also raise a Zombie if he is adjacent to a tomb.

* The ability of the Necromancer to create Zombies is magical.

* The Necromancer can raise a Zombie from a wounded Zombie. In this case, a new Zombie token is not used; it does not count against the three Zombie limit.

* The Necromancer can turn an wounded enemy on his starting line into a Zombie and gain 1 VP for the Zombie escaping from the dungeon.

* The Necromancer cannot have more than three Zomgies during the game (including Zombies who were killed or escaped the dungeon), but he can raise Zombies as many times as he wishes.