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(2/4) (Lands of Ice)

* During setup, the Mammoth piece is placed face up on the gameboard.

* The Mammoth is a beast.

* A Mammoth can break an adjacent portcullis for 1 AP. It can do this an unlimited number of times during the game. A portcullis broken by the Mammoth cannot be closed again (even by a Thief).

* The Mammoth gains a combat bonus of +1 (attack and defense) when it is on a snowy ground square. This combat bonus is lost if the Mammoth is wounded.

* If the Mammoth finishes its movement adjacent to a tree, it can uproot it (place a tree stump marker on the tree). The Mammoth can uproot only one tree at the end of its movement and must move in order to do so. Jumping is not considered a movement, and the Mammoth is unable to uproot a tree following a jump.