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(4/2) (Fire and Water)

* The Magophage cancels any magic on the square he is standing on and any adjacent squares. (Adjacent squares are located next to each other and are not separated by a wall or portcullis.)

* Magic used on these 5 squares is ineffectual (AP and objects are used anyway).

* The presence of the Magophage does not interfere with the lines of sight for characters and objects with magic abilities. The magic remains valid and the target is effected even if the line of sight crosses through squares influenced by the Magophage. Exception: If a fireball crosses one of the 4 adjacent squares to the Magophage, it is immediately dissipated, but the AP and fireball wand are used.

* The Magophage is unable under any circumstances (motionless or moving) to use magic objects, including those with remote effects (Fireball Wand, scrolls, Ring of Paralysis, cursed objects, etc...).

* This ability of the Magophage is not magical and cannot be cancelled by the presence of another Magophage or by the Anti-magic room.

* The Magophage loses this ability if it is wounded and can be affected by magic. For example, a wounded Magophage can drink from the Fountain of Youth.

* An wounded character adjacent to a Fountain of Youth and unwounded Magophage will not be healed by the fountain (but 1 AP is spent). In the same way, the Fountain of Youth will lose its ability to heal if an unwounded Magophage is adjacent to it.

* It is impossible to push back a character adjacent to a Magophage with a Ring of Repulsion, just as the Ring of Repulsion will have no effect if it is used in a square adjacent to the Magophage (AP are still spent). On the other hand, it is possible to push a character towards a square under the influence of the Magophage.

* It is possible to reverse a room containing a Magophage with the Scroll of Inversion, since the user is not located in a square under the influence of the Magophage.

* If the Magophage is adjacent to an illusion or brambles at the end of an action, they will disappear.

* A cursed object loses its properties if the character carrying it moves through a square under the influence of the Magophage. He can then drop the cursed object on this square or give it to the Magophage. As soon as the cursed object is not under the influence of the Magophage, it becomes cursed again and regains its properties.

* A character or object being moved via magic (levitation, charms, Speed Potion, telekinesis) stops moving immediately if it enters a square under the influence of the Magophage. It then suffers the effects of the square it is on.

* If the Magophage is located in a room with a Gravity Well, it cancels the ultra-gravity effect in its zone of influence. The 5 squares of its influence can thus be flown over by flying non-magical characters (angel, bat). However, if the Magophage is adjacent to the Gravity Well, it cancels the ultra-gravity effect throughout the entire room.