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(4/1) (Base Game, Prison)

* The Wizard is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The abilities of the Wizard are magical in nature.

* The Wizard is the only character that can use the Fireball Wand.

* The Wizard levitates, which means he can magically fly over all obstacles (pit traps, characters, falling rocks, rifts, water, lava, braziers, remotely activated pit traps, and waterfalls) and 3D obstacles (Fountain of Youth, sarcophagus, statue, armories, trees, etc...). However, he cannot stop on them (except water, falling rocks (in which case he dies) and trees).

* He can fly over water and therefore is not limited to one square of movement per 1 AP.

* He cannot fly over the rubbles, walls, portcullises, brambles, gravity wells, pit traps in the Anti-magic room, the Anti-magic artifact, pit traps in a room containing a gravity well (unless a Magophage is adjacent to the gravity well), and columns.

* The Wizard cannot levitate on any square of the Anti-magic room, but automatically can levitate as it leaves the room (he can fly over an obstacle in a square adjacent to the Anti-magic room).

* If the Wizard tries to fly over an obstacle which is adjacent to a Magophage, he immediately stops flying and suffers the effects of the obstacle.