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(4/2 or 4/4) (Lands of Ice)

* The Werewolf is a beast only in his Werewolf form.

* The Werewolf is usually in its human form. In this case, its combat value is 2.

* The human form is transformed into the Werewolf when the controlling player plays his "5 actions" card. At this time and as long as the "5 actions" card is visible, the combat value of the Werewolf is 4.

* If the Werewolf is in a tree when the "5 actions" card is played, he uproots the tree, the Werewolf becomes wounded, and he cannot regenerate this turn.

* If the Werewolf is in his human form and wounded when the "5 actions" card is played, he is regenerated and becomes unwounded (even if he is frozen).

* The Werewolf can only regenerated if he will be in compliance with the golden rules at the end of regeneration.

* A Werewolf who regenerates can take no other actions this turn, not even to participate in group combat.

* The ability of the Werewolf to regenerate is not magic and does not use any AP.

* A wounded Werewolf that is in a room when it is forgotten by the Disciple does not regenerate if the 5 Actions card is played, as this room is still hidden.

* A wounded Werewolf who transforms into his human form remains wounded.

* A Werewolf in human form can change while on a small bridge or pipes. However, they will break before any other action and the Werewolf suffers the effects of the terrain below.

* The Werewolf in human form can change while in a tree, but the tree is uprooted and the Werewolf becomes wounded.

* As soon as the "5 actions" card is taken back into the hand (recycled) or covered by another actions card, the Werewolf reverts to its human form.

* As a reminder, recycling of the action cards is done at the end of the players turn and not at the begining of the next turn of the same player (see the basic rules, page 11, 2nd paragraph "Phase 3: recycling Action cards").