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(4/1) (Paladins and Dragons)

* The Illusionist is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The ability of the Illusionist is to create magical illusions.

* She can, for 1 AP, use magic to create an illusionary pit trap in her line of sight. It has all the characteristics of a normal pit trap, except that the Illusionist that creates it is not affected by it and can pass through, but cannot stop on the illusionary pit trap.

* She also can, for 1 AP, use magic to create illusionary rubble on a square in her line of sight. This rubble square becomes impassable for all characters except the Ghost, Specter and the Illusionist that created it (these characters may pass through the square, but not stop there).

* The Illusionist can, for 1 AP, remove an illusion she created (from wherever it is) and place it (or not) in a new place anywhere in her line of sight.

* If the Illusionist is killed, then her illusions disappear.

* If the Illusionist escapes the dungeon, her illusions remain until the end of the game.

* An Illusionist cannot have more than one illusionary pit trap and one illusionary rubble on the board at any time.

* If an Illusionist, unwounded or wounded, ends an action on her own illusionary pit trap (for example, following a repulsion), the illusion disappears without any effect.

* Since the Illusionist is not affected by her own illusions, the rubble does not block her line of sight.

* The illusion markers of the Illusionist are magic and are removed if a Magophage is in an adjacent square at the end of an action.

* An Illusionist can place the illusion if her line of sight to the target square passes through an anti-magic square (from the Magophage or the Anti-Magic Room).