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(3/0) (Paladins and Dragons)

* The Ghost is incorporeal and during movement can pass through any terrain, including darkness and characters (friendly and enemy).

* The Ghost must always finish his movement on a valid floor square. Darkness squares are valid for him.

* The Ghost dies, like any other character, if it stops on falling rocks. It can pass through this square, but may not stop there.

* The Ghost cannot use or carry objects, but he can stop on them. He cannot benefit from any bonuses due to an object (armor, for example). He also cannot stop on a rope that is over an obstacle (except water).

* An object on the same square as the Ghost cannot be picked up by an enemy character, but it can be stolen by the Pickpocket.

* The Ghost may not carry wounded characters.

* The Ghost may activate rotation gears and the remotely activated pit traps (he must stop his movement on the trigger square).

* Even though the Ghost can pass through enemy characters during movement, enemy characters cannot pass through the Ghost as they move.

* The Ghost cannot search the library, cannot take neutral ropes from the vines, cannot take torches from wall sconces, cannot take the two-handed sword from the stature, cannot take weapons from armories, and cannot take the speed potion from its pedestal.

* The Ghost is an undead character.