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Enchantress Elf

(5/1) (Creatures of the Forest)

* The Enchantress Elf is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The Enchantress Elf, for 0 AP, can magically give life to a tree in her line of sight or in the square she occupies. A living tree marker is then placed on the tree.

* The Enchantress Elf can only have one living tree at a time. If the Enchantress Elf enchants a second tree, it uses the marker from the first tree.

* The Enchantress Elf cannot replace an opponent's living tree marker with one of her own.

* If a Specter reincarnates as an Enchantress Elf, the living tree remains controlled by the player whose color it is. If the Enchantress Elf gives life to another living tree, the first tree disappears and the new one is controlled by the reincarnated Specter.

* Once enchanted, the living tree is not considered magic and cannot be removed by the Magophage.

* If a living tree is destroyed in combat or cut down by the Logger, a steam saw, etc..., it is returned to the Enchantress Elf and she is able to use it again.

* The Enchantress Elf is an elf and can use the Secret Passages, see other elves located in trees, and is invisible to non-elven characters when she is located in a tree.

Living trees :

* A living tree has a combat value of 2. It can attack or be attacked by an enemy character located on an adjacent square or in the same square. It can take part in group combat by attacking or defending according to the usual conditions (it can support a friendly character in the same square with a +2 combat bonus). If it loses the combat, the marker of the living tree is returned to its owner, thus bypassing the wounded state). The tree under the living tree marker remains intact in this instance, and the Enchantress Elf could then enchant the same tree for 0AP.

* A living tree is a marker; it does not interfere with the rules regarding stacking of characters and objects.

* If a living tree is enchanted from a tree in mist, the mist does not disappear.

* A living tree can be attacked from range and burned by a fireball. If a character is in the tree at this time, even if he cannot be targeted directly, he suffers the effects of this attack.

* A living tree can take part in group combat and so it must be taken into account. The Berserker cannot play two combat cards in group combat that includes a tree in another square (but can play two cards if she is in the tree). The tree cannot carry a torch, so the opposing Mummy will not have to play a +0 combat card. For example, if an Enchantress Elf carrying a torch and on a living tree attacks a Mummy, he is not obliged to play the +0 combat card.