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Ice Elemental

(4/1) (Lands of Ice)

* An Ice Elemental on an ice square or snowy ground gains a combat bonus of +1, on both attack and defense, even if wounded.

* The Ice Elemental moves in water squares as if they were normal floor squares. However, it cannot carry an object into water squares, but can carry a wounded character.

* Every time an unwounded Ice Elemental moves into a water square, this square is turned into ice (place an ice marker on the water square). The water square is frozen after the Ice Elemental moves into it (so it cannot move onto the water square carrying an object).

The applicable rules for ice are:

* The ice square is treated as snowy ground.

* An ice square can be melted for 0 AP by any character carrying a torch or by the Fire Elemental (with or without a torch) while he is on an adjacent square.

* If a character carrying a torch or the Fire Elemental (wounded or unwounded) is on an ice square at the end of an action, the ice melts automatically (with fatal consequences for the Fire Elemental if it becomes a water square).