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Lightning Elemental

(4/1) (Lands of Ice)

* The Lightning Elemental is a flying character. That means he can fly over all of the obstacles: pit traps, falling rocks, rifts, Fountains of Youth, water squares, lava squares, remotely activated pit traps, gravity wells adjacent to a Magophage, trees and 3D obstacles. However, it cannot stop there (except water squares, falling rocks (in which case he dies) and trees).

* The Lightning Elemental cannot move over rubble, walls, closed portcullises, brambles, and columns.

* The Lightning Elemental can initiate ranged combat for 1 AP any number of times during a turn. It must have line of sight to the target and may not be adjacent to an enemy character. The combat value of this attack is 1, which cannot be modified.

* The Lightning Elemental can also use ranged combat to participate in an attacking group combat. He cannot participate in group combat as a defender. He cannot participate in ranged combat if no AP were used to initiate the combat.

* The Lightning Elemental cannot be wounded during ranged combat, even if it is attacking and loses (even against another ranged fighter).

* The Lightning Elemental can participate in group combat with his ranged attack, even if another character from his team also participates with ranged combat. Ranged combat is considered to be an attack. This means that you cannot initiate a group combat (ranged or otherwise) to target a character already wounded this turn, no matter how the character became wounded.

* The Lightning Elemental (wounded or unwounded) dies immediately if it is on a water square at the end of any action.

* The Lightning Elemental cannot recover a wounded character who is on a water square.