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Fire Elemental

(4/2) (Fire and Water)

* The Fire Elemental can move across and stop on lava squares and braziers. However, it cannot carry an object or wounded character onto these squares.

* The Fire Elemental gains a +1 combat bonus when on a lava square or brazier for both attack and defense, even if it is wounded.

* It is immune to the Wizard's Fireball Wand and the breath of the Red Dragon, even if it is wounded. If it is carrying a friendly wounded character, he is also immune to these types of attacks.

* If the Fire Elemental enters a water square, it is killed immediately.

* The Fire Elemental can burn a web if it is adjacent to it for 1 AP.

* The Fire Elemental can melt an adjacent ice square for 0 AP, and an adjacent ice bridge for 1 AP.

* If the Fire Elemental (even wounded) is on an ice square or an ice bridge at the end of an action, he is killed immediately (the ice is melted; the ice bridge is broken or the ice square is removed from the board; and the Fire Elemental suffers the effects).

* The Fire Elemental cannot be frozen.