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(4/1) (Creatures of the Forest)

* The Druid is a magic user and can use scrolls.

* The Druid can use magic for 1 AP, and place a bramble marker on an empty floor square in the room in which he is located. The brambles remain magic after they are placed and can be removed by the Magophage if he is adjacent to the bramble at the end of an action.

* The brambles block movement for all characters (except incorporeal ones) and line of sight.

* The brambles can be attacked and destroyed in combat (they do not go through the wounded state). They play a combat card and have a combat value of 4 (in addition to the card). The brambles cannot take part in group combat unless they are directly attacked.

* The Druid can, for 1 AP, use magic to place climbing plant markers over one or more obstacles which are in his line of sight. The climbing plants markers are placed on each affected obstacle, which will then be considered valid squares which the characters are able to move across. They are also able to stop on these squares even if they are carrying an object or a wounded character.

* The Druid can place up to three climbing plant markers. Once placed, a climbing plants marker is not considered magic and cannot be removed by the Magophage. If a climbing plant is destroyed (for example, by being placed on the Living Trap) it is returned to the Druid and may be used again.