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Red Dragon

(0/6) (Paladins and Dragons)

* The Red Dragon cannot move without outside assistance; it's movement is zero.

* It cannot jump.

* The Red Dragon can breathe fire (each breath costs 1 AP) as if it had a Fireball Wand. However, the Red Dragon's breath is not considered to be magical.

* A Red Dragon cannot target the Courtesan. The Fire Elemental and the Water Elemental are immune to the Dragon's breath and cannot be killed; the Red Dragon loses its action.

* A character in water is protected from the breath of the Red Dragon. On the other hand, a character carrying the rope over water is not protected.

* A Red Dragon can breathe fire on a living tree, in which case it is removed and returned to its owner. If one or more characters are in the tree, they are killed.

* Breath from a Red Dragon will also destroy brambles from the Druid.

* The Red Dragon can burn webs.

* Red Dragons can activate rotation mechanisms as other characters.

* A wounded Red Dragon can be transported like all other characters.

* A Red Dragon is prestigious, so the player that eliminates it earns 2 VP.