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Undead Dragon

(2/6) (Forces of Darkness)

* The Undead Dragon is an undead character.

* The Undead Dragon has the ability to regenerate for 1 AP.

* An Undead Dragon cannot regenerate in darkness; it can do nothing other than move out of the darkness.

* The Undead Dragon can only regenerate so that it will be in compliance with the golden rules at the end of regeneration.

* The Undead Dragon can be regenerated on a small bridge or pipes which will break at the end of the action -- it will then suffer the effect of the ground underneath.

* The Undead Dragon can be regenerated in a tree, but the tree will break and the Undead Dragon will be wounded again.

* After regenerating, the Undead Dragon can not perform any other actions during that turn, not even participating in group combat.

* This ability of the Undead Dragon is not magical in nature.

* The Undead Dragon is prestigious, so the player who eliminates it earns 2 VP.