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Ice Dragon

* The Ice Dragon is prestigious, so the player who eliminates it earns 2 VP.

* The Ice Dragon gains a +1 combat bonus (attack and defense) when it is on snowy ground. This bonus is lost if the Ice Dragon is wounded.

* The Ice Dragon can, once per turn for 1 AP, freeze a character (enemy or not) in his line of sight. Place a frozen marker on that character.

A frozen character is subjected in the following rules:
* A frozen character cannot carry out any action (jump, move, use an ability, attack, etc...).
* A frozen character suffers a -1 penalty in combat (the combat value can never drop below zero).
* A frozen character can defend himself and can take part in group combat (defense only, by the choice of the defending player).
* Friendly characters can move through a frozen character (as if he were not frozen).
* It is possible to take and give an object or wounded character to a frozen character. However, a frozen character cannot be transported by anyone.
* A frozen character which is given a torch becomes thawed. He will then be able to act normally.

* It is impossible to freeze a character carrying a torch, a Fire Elemental, or an Ice Elemental (the action is valid and the AP spent, but it has no effect).