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* Trees are 3D obstacles.

* Characters that have a combat value of 3 or less can finish their movement in a Tree (they cannot pass through them in one action, except for flying and incorporeal characters).

* A character stopped in a Tree can move normally for 1 AP.

* A character in a Tree has improved line of sight: it is not blocked by other characters, 3D obstacles, stairs, other Trees and vines. An improved line of sight (leaving a Tree) retains its "improved" ability when reflected in a mirror.

* An elf in a Tree is invisible and cannot be targeted except by another elf or a character carrying the Amulet of Elvish Vision. Close combat is still possible.

* A character cannot be pushed back into a Tree.

* A character can jump from a Tree, but not towards a Tree.

* If a Tree in the mist is chopped down or uprooted, the mist disappears.