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(3/3) (Mercenaries)

* The Berserker can use 2 combat cards. It must be announced to the opponent before he chooses his card that this ability is being used.

* The Berserker can only use two cards in one-on-one combat and only when attacking. If a Living Tree is taking part in combat, it is considered to be group combat and 2 cards cannot be used.

* If the Berserker attacks a Weapon Master, the latter can look at the 2 combat cards before playing hers.

*If the Scroll of Confusion is used on a Berserker, the Berserker's player decides how many combat cards he wishes to play, then his opponent randomly draws the card(s) from his hand.

*If a Berserker attacks while under the effects of a charm, it is the owner of the Berserker who decides the number of combat cards played and their value.