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(4/3) (Fire and Water)

* The Barbarian can carry magic objects but cannot use them (unless he is wounded). Thus, he can drink from the Fountain of Youth, or use a Potion of Life, or use a sylvan shield when he is wounded.

* The Barbarian can pass under falling rocks while carrying a Sylvan Shield as he can with any other shield. Only the defensive bonus of the shield is magical.

* The Barbarian gains a bonus of +1 in combat against Magic Users. This bonus is valid in the following situations: in group combat (even if the Barbarian is not adjacent to the Magic User), against wounded Magic Users, and against wounded Magic Users being carried by another character participating in the combat.

* The Barbarian scores 1 additional VP when he kills an opponents Magic User (no matter what method is used).

*The Barbarian is subject to the negative effects of cursed objects but cannot use any of their positive abilities.