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Ring of Paralysis

(Creatures of the Forest)

* The character carrying the Ring of Paralysis can, during an opponent's turn, magically paralyze an enemy character who moves into his line of sight. The paralyzed character can not perform any actions until the end of the turn.

* Paralyzing an enemy character does not cost any AP, but the player must discard a combat card of his choice (other than the +0).

* The Ring of Paralysis cannot be used more than once per turn.

* The paralyzed character suffers the effects of the square upon which he stopped.
The Ring of Paralysis may only be used if the affected character will not be in violation of the Golden Rules at the end of the action. For example, it is impossible to paralyze a character carrying on object on a square containing another object or character.

* The Ring of Paralysis is a magical object, so it is impossible to paralyze on or through a square that is in the Anti-Magic Room or under the influence of the Magophage. The combat card is still spent, but the Ring has no effect.

* If the Ice Elemental enters a water square with mist, the fog disappears at the moment when the Ice Elemental enters the square and he is able to be targeted. An enemy carrying a Ring of Paralysis can use it is this case.