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Ring of Light

(Forces of Darkness)

* The Ring of Light is a magical object.

* The Ring of Light is discarded after use; it can only be used once.

* A character adjacent to a darkness square can use the Ring of Light for 0 AP. He can then place up to 5 corridor tiles on adjacent darkness squares. He chooses the size of the tile (1,2, or 3 squares) he wishes to draw and places it. Then he chooses the second tile of the corridor and places it as well. He continues in this manner until up to five tiles have been drawn and placed.

* The Ring of Light cannot be used in the Anti-Magic room or in the zone of influence of the Magophage (AP and the object are used). Also, it is impossible to light a square of darkness which is adjacent to a Magophage.

* Placement of the tiles must follow these rules:
   * All the tiles must be completely placed on darkness squares only.
   * The first tile must be adjacent to the character using the ring.
   * Subsequent tiles must be placed so that they are either adjacent to the user of the ring or adjacent to one of the tiles already placed.
   * The tile cannot be placed so that it covers two different rooms. But some of the tiles can be in one room and some in another. In this case, darkness squares of two rooms must be adjacent.