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Ring of Chaos

(Lands of Ice)

* The Ring of Chaos is a magical object.

* A character located on a rotation gear can use the Ring of Chaos for 1 AP. The Ring of Chaos is discarded after use; it can only be used once.

* A character using the Ring of Chaos changes the reference of the rotation gear by placing one of the rotation gear markers (T1, T2, or T3) on his location. He then chooses another rotation gear anywhere on the board, and places the paired marker (T1, T2, or T3) on that rotation gear. The initial rotation direction of the gears is not taken into account. After using the Ring of Chaos, certain rooms may not be paired any longer. It is possible to target the rotation gears of matching rooms, which simply reverses their direction of rotation.

* The new rotation gears (T1, T2, or T3) are magical. Therefore, it is impossible to target the rotation gear in the Anti-Magic Room or a rotation gear which is adjacent to or located uncer a Magaphage. A rotation gear resulting from a Ring of Chaos (T1, T2, or T3) is removed if the Magophage ends his movement on the rotation gear or an adjacent square.