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Dragon Slayer

(Paladins and Dragons)

* The Dragon Slayer gives a +4 combat bonus to the character wielding it when in combat against and adjacent to a dragon.

* If a dragon is defeated in combat with a Dragon Slayer, it is immediately killed (bypassing the wounded state).

* Even though the Dragon Slayer is a sword, no bonus is received when a character fights a character other than a dragon -- unless it is forged in a Brazier, in which case it gives a +1 bonus against all characters and +5 against dragons.

* The sword gives only one combat bonus, regardless of the number of adjacent dragons. If the combat is won, all the adjacent dragons are killed immediately.

* Two Dragon Slayers (not forged) give a total combat bonus of +8 if used against at least one dragon.

* The Ghost, Specter, and the Bat cannot use the Dragon Slayer.